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Discover the unparalleled exterior detailing services offered at K & M Coatings Norman, OK. We guarantee unmatched results for your vehicle. Reach out to us for a free quote & let us guide you in selecting the perfect exterior detailing package for your car. Below is our average pricing and package for the exterior of your vehicle.

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With over 15 years of experience, we use high-quality products and meticulous techniques to achieve quality finish. We prioritize attention to detail, ensuring every inch of your vehicle’s exterior is immaculate. Our commitment to excellence and passion for car care make us the top choice for exterior detailing in Norman, OK. 

What is Exterior Detailing and Why You Need It

Exterior detailing involves a thorough cleaning, restoration, and protection of your vehicle’s exterior. This process includes washing, decontaminating, polishing, and waxing, ensuring your car looks its best and is protected from environmental damage.

Regular exterior detailing is essential for maintaining your car’s appearance and value. It removes contaminants that can damage the paint, enhances the vehicle’s shine, and provides a protective layer against UV rays and other elements. 

Exterior Detailing Packages

Remember, exterior detailing isn’t just about maintaining the look of your vehicle, it’s also about preserving its value. Regular detailing can help protect your investment and ensure that your vehicle remains in the best possible condition.




2 bucket hand wash Nano clay Door jams cleaned Wheels cleaned Tires dressed Spray sealant Exterior glass cleaned.



High pressure spray down of exterior, fender Wells & wheels Wheels / wheel wells cleaned PH neutralizing foam hand wash Decon Wash ( Removes iron contaminants ) Nano Clay to remove fallout contaminants on the clear coat Plush towel dry Tires Dressed Windows polished clean Mystic Sealant Applied to Exterior. ( Paint , glass and wheels 3 – 4 months protection )



2 bucket hand Wash exterior Treat wheel wells Clean wheels Nano clay to remove contamination Clean door jambs Safe towel dry ( air crevices ) Dress tires Single stage correction Apply sealant Clean windows.

Price may vary depending on the condition/size of your vehicle.

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Exterior Detailing

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not alone. Here are a few questions from other Syracuse, NY car owners about our Professional Auto Detailing costs, process & benefits.

Exterior detailing at K&M Coatings in Norman, OK, includes a thorough wash, paint decontamination, polishing, and waxing. We also clean tires and wheels, ensuring a complete, pristine look for your vehicle.

It’s recommended to get exterior detailing every 3-6 months. Regular detailing at K&M Coatings in Norman, OK, helps maintain your car’s appearance, protects the paint, and preserves its value.

While exterior detailing can minimize the appearance of minor scratches, deeper scratches may require paint correction. At K&M Coatings in Norman, OK, our detailing services include polishing to enhance your car’s finish and reduce imperfections.

Exterior detailing is crucial for protecting your car’s paint, removing harmful contaminants, and enhancing its overall appearance. At K&M Coatings in Norman, OK, our detailing services ensure your vehicle looks its best and retains its value.


What Our Customers Say

Kaleb does an amazing job! My truck and my wife’s SUV look absolutely amazing. If you want the best around definitely use K&M coatings for your ceramic coatings. Very great at his job but just as great at customer service as well. Give them a call today don’t wait!



I had K&M come to my shop to clean an extremely rare car. They knocked it out of the park. Extremely professional and will be using them again. Great prices and detail oriented! 10/10 recommend.



Great company and very thorough. Attention to detail. I have had numerous vehicles coated with them and every vehicle was done perfectly.



They made my car look better than new! I had my car coated and It makes my car so much easier to care for. Very professional and will keep you updated with progress photos. I highly recommend them for anything from an interior/exterior detail to a full paint correction and coating!



I took my 370z to K&M for a decontamination wash, clay bar, polish, 5 year ceramic coating and the car turned out amazing. It brought out all the metallic flake the paint has and also has a mirror finish. I couldn’t be anymore happier with the outcome.



Money well spent!!! 💰 I couldn’t be any happier with the job they did!! They came out and showed out and they did it all!! 🔥 Highly recommend their service, hands down one of the best in the business!!! My truck looks FANTASTIC!!!



I brought Kaleb my 2003 350z, with almost 20 years worth of scratches and swirls. He and his team were able to get my baby looking showroom ready! 10/10 would recommend.



Just got our Model Y in midnight silver, love the car! Had K&M Coatings do a full ceramic coat on it. I can’t believe how easy it is to keep clean! Bug guts just wipe off easily, water just beads and rolls right off. Best money I ever spent.



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